Our unique, patent-pending formula is a powerful, yet gentle non-probiotic supplement formulated to support proper digestion and the reduction of problematic yeast.



This combination of natural antioxidants and plant root extract work together to promote improved concentration, memory, mood and sleep for total mental wellness.



Our formula supports increased energy and stamina, reduced inflammation, healthy weight and a strong, healthy immune system.*

Right in the Gut Nutrition is a company founded on a passion for “total body health” through an understanding of medical science research. We focus on the central role of the gut-brain connection.

The Western Diet contains sugars, starches, and unhealthy fats that yeasts thrive on1,2.  Research has shown that some yeast cells can enter your body through the gut, resulting in an inflammatory response and possibly, “leaky gut.”3,4 An inflammatory response over time is said to be chronic. Chronic inflammatory diseases include obesity, cancer, heart disease, type II diabetes, and many more.

Our approach promotes the power of your natural gut microbes already living in your system.

“What you feed, you grow.”

Think of a savannah grassland ecosystem. If you feed the lions well, they will grow in number and possibly eat too many of the grass-eating animals. This could throw off the entire balance of that ecosystem, making it unhealthy.

The same idea applies to your gut. It is important to feed the “good” bacteria by following a diet low in processed foods and unhealthy fats.

You may want to supplement your diet with a paraprobiotic, like BALANCE, which is a killed, inactivated probiotic.


Our company was founded in Birmingham, Alabama by Dr. Kenda Rigdon, who holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology. Dr. Rigdon created Right in the Gut Nutrition after a career of instructing college health science courses, Nutrition Science research and many years of deeply searching scientific literature for gut microbiome studies, seeking answers to the “WHY.”

  • WHY are developed countries, like the U.S., suffering from adult obesity rates of  42.4%? 1
  • WHY are we losing the battle to chronic inflammatory diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity?
  • WHY do we see rates of depression, anxiety and drug abuse climb year after year?

Could the ROOT CAUSE be the same? We think so!

We have worked diligently to design products that are founded in scientific research, made of the highest quality and purity, and most importantly, deliver results.

Welcome to Right in the Gut Nutrition. Read our blog, follow us on Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter and learn with us on our journey to find the answers. Pull up a chair and stay a while!